The Medusa of VERSACE


The world of the Italian designer Gianni Versace is reflected in the Medusa- head symbol, that is ornamented in a typically Greek fashion. The choice was made deliberately. Medusa does not only epitomise beauty - Greek art and philosophy, however, attributed also a fatal fascination to her. Her beauty is of a kind that is spell binding and confusing. In Greek mythology Medusa is one of the three Gorgons. Originally a beautiful virgin, she was turned into a horrific sight by the goddess Athene - serpents instead of hair, teeth like a wild boar and lolling tongue – because she had desecrated Athene’s temple by making love to Poseidon there. She was so terrible to look at that everybody who regarded her face turned into stone. Finally, she was killed by Perseus, who cut her head with a sword.

Gianni Versace was born in South Italy – in a landscape known in ancient times as "Magna Graeca", Great Greece, because of its magnificent cities and states, that Greek people had founded there a long time ago. The Greek heritage has lived on in this area, where classical tradition and the union of the unique and the simple are passed on from father to son, mother to daughter.



Versace has the reputation of anticipating today the fashion of the day after tomorrow. Gianni Versace in particular, had always taken his inspiration for his trend-setting designs from this classical heritage. So, Versace’s Medusa remains fascinating, today, yesterday and tomorrow.
Rosenthal meets Versace – an ingenious union, where nothing but the exceptional will emerge. Rosenthal contributes international competence within the conflicting areas of tradition and innovation, the Milan design studio Versace its idiosyncratic style, unmistakable and expressive, which is famous all over the world. Together they develop amazingly elegant, luxurious and surprisingly different table worlds and gift collections – made of precious materials, elaborately crafted, presented in an extravagant way. Here again, Medusa is the main topic – as an essential part of product marking and creative bond for numerous décor worlds.


The first Six-Star-Hotel worldwide, Palazzo Versace, situated on Australia’s Gold Coast, celebrates pure traditional luxury with the ubiquitous Medusa. Each detail adds to the presentation of an ambitious and sophisticated lifestyle, a modern interpretation of the ancient world.